Russian & Turkish Baths…on East 10th Street???

Serving New Yorkers since 1892, the Russian & Turkish baths is a place to experience. Built by Jewish immigrants, it is still located between First Avenue and Avenue A. The newly renovated facilities are attracting a glorious clientele who prefer to pay as they go, or want a membership.

You don’t have to feel rushed to make massage appointment because you can simply sign up when you get there. Extra services including Swedish/Russian Massage, Platza Oak Leaf, Dead Sea Salt Scrub, Black Mud Treatment and Soap Wash are available for a reasonable price. Some mornings are reserved for single sex bathing, so make sure to check the scheduler before going. The restaurant serves a regular Russian food at sensible prices. The service is nice yet unsophisticated.

It’s a stress free zone designed to let you chill out and get some peace of mind. They’ll give you a robe, some slippers and all the towels you want. You’ll be in for a new old world pleasure of being totally relaxed and clean.

Some people may think this place is bare minimum and certainly nothing like those fancy spas, but then again deciding to go to a spa is an indulgence in today’s world – stopping in at the Russian & Turkish Baths is much like an easy and economical “keeper upper.”

The bathhouse a unique New York experience. It is probably be very close to what New Yorkers experienced 100 years ago, which makes it quite fascinating. After all, we could all use some relaxation and pampering without the cost, right?


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