Bloomingdale’s madness

On Saturday, I did the unthinkable…I braved Bloomingdale’s with MM and my mom. It was our best option to find my mom’s outfit for our wedding and jewelry for my bridesmaids. We didn’t want to be wandering around the city trying to find something, and we figured Bloomingdale’s should have something that we would all like.

It was a successful trip, but it didn’t come without any pain…

Of course I had to go to the bathroom as soon as we walked in the door…nightmare. I hate public restrooms, and Bloomingdale’s wasn’t any exception. There was a line down a hallway, the stalls were dirty and smelly, and there were loud young girls being obnoxious in the line. I survived, but I would rather find a deli in the neighborhood or hold it next time.

We continued up the escalators in an effort to find the designer formal wear for women – one, two, three, four…for crying out loud…it took four floors and a mezzanine before we found it. I have shopped in Bloomingdale’s plenty of times before, but I’m usually not looking for the high-end designer gowns – I tend to get stuck in the jean heaven they have on two.

We walked through what felt like endless racks of clothing – either it was too tight, too young, too old, too beige, or it cost more than my entire wedding…finally, I caught my mom involved in what looked like a very uncomfortable confrontation with a sales woman. In this economy, sales people can be deadly and dangerous. So I went to save her, and I was very excited by the midnight blue Giorgio Armani evening jacket she was wearing. Now…let’s get a few things straight:

  • my mom is the most modest woman and sweet woman on the planet – she does not like to spend money on herself, so even touching this jacket made her feel guilty
  • I am her last daughter so this is her last hurrah as the mother of the bride
  • my wedding is in Italy, and I know my mom wants to look good and impress the all of the new people she will be meeting – including the Italian women

MM and I decided it was our duty to make her understand these factors and clear her head from the numbers on the price tag…there were a few more numbers than we’re used to. Then, the sales woman brought it all home for us…by spending the amount on the jacket, my mom would get a $1000 gift certificate good for anything on the entire floor! That’s huge. I am not a sucker for sales, but she needed to spend money anyhow, and to be able to get her bottom piece for nearly free made it a very good deal.

MM used his fashion sense to go and find the perfect Marc Jacobs skirt in the same midnight blue that complimented the jacket and made my mom look like a supermodel – it was also within the $1000 range, which meant it was “free”. I also loved the fact that she was mixing designers, which always shows a good sense of style and talented shopping. After our exciting conquer of the 4th floor, we continued back down…four, three, two (don’t look at the jeans!), one…where I also found the perfect pearl earrings and bracelets for all of my bridesmaids – and they were on sale, too.

Bloomingdale’s…even with your nasty restrooms, loud and obnoxious “Gossip Girl” wannabes, and stalking sales people…you have made me happy. I am thankful for your grandeur inventory…and I am especially thankful for all of your sales. I think I can only handle you in small quantities, though, so ’till next time.’


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