Havana nights…

Last night, I went out with two of MM’s and my best friends – R & A. MM returns from L.A. today, so they wanted to enjoy the rare occasion of having me to themselves. We met at Chow Bar after work for one drink and then walked over to Havana Alma de Cuba on Christopher Street. It was my first time there, but my friends frequently eat there or order for delivery.

Delivery? I know – it may give you the impression of a fast-food Cuban spot, but Havana is far from that.

Havana Alma De Cuba is tucked away in a small store front on Christopher Street in the heart of the west village. The ambiance and food exude the aroma and flavor of an authentic Cuban restaurant. Salsa and merengue bring your ears, the cigar maker in the window brings your nose, and the hanging lanterns and gigantic wall murals bring your eyes to the Cuban experience. The menu consists of Cuban, Latin and Spanish cuisine, all of which make you think of plantains could actually be a food group. Even a light eater can escape the meat, beans and rice and opt for the ceviche of the day for an appetizer and the grilled chicken with tomato salad and avocado as an entree.

My friends and I always enjoy one another’s company, but Havana certainly helped us feel as though we had escaped Manhattan and had a refreshing fiesta for a couple of hours…the cocktail we drank with tabasco sauce in it also helped turn up the heat!


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