Party Planning Made Easy with PINGG

MM and I are planning a destination wedding, and that can be very tedious. One of the most important things is to keep your guests informed. There is A LOT to inform them about, however, and new things seem to pop up over and over again. I don’t think it is possible to include everything in your invitation and I also don’t think you can count on all of your guests checking your wedding website all of the time to stay on top of your breaking wedding news.

The best thing to do is send occasional emails to all of your guests with news and updates – it also gets everyone excited about their own vacation! To make sure I had everyone’s preferred email address, I included an ’email’ line on the RSVP card. This way, I felt like I wasn’t bothering anyone on their work email unless that was the email they specified on their RSVP.

The next item to consider is how to send a mass email to all of your guests. The important factors are:

-the ability to organize email lists to select everyone or individuals
-a design that enables you to include personal images and/or photos
-easily editable body of the email message for yourself
-clean and easy to use for you and your guests
-some sort of a management program for you to track who has and hasn’t opened your email

I have used many websites for party planning and ecards, but the best one out there right now is Pingg. This website is amazing! It not only meets all of the requirements I listed above, but it gives you so many more backend options: posting to Facebook or Twitter, communication with your guests, reports on clicks, texting options, amazing preloaded designs, gift registries, etc. Pingg will even print, stamp, and mail a postcard version of your online design if desired!

I have already sent my first wedding email blast to confirm that all of my guests have booked their flights and accommodations, and I will definitely be using Pingg for all of my party planning in NYC from now on. With two months left before the wedding, my plan is to send blasts containing wedding weekend itineraries, things to do in Artimino, fun facts, and anything else that may pop up as we move closer to the big day!


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