Bachelor Party NYC

MM’s best man and closest friend in NYC are both Italian. They certainly want to spend a quality evening or weekend with MM, but they aren’t as connected to all of the guys in MM’s life as I am. SO, I’ve decided to plan a bachelor/bachelorette party night – the parties will be separate, of course!
It will be very easy to plan my evening with my girls, but trying to organize a bachelor party for MM with a wide array of men is priving to be difficult. The guys range from my brother to Wall Street types to Italians to fashion types…what in the world does a girl plan to entertain all of those characters!
MM does not like strip clubs – thank goodness! – so I am trying to be creative in the evening’s activites.

First, I planned the restaurant, which was the easiest part. I don’t want to spoil everything just yet, so I am not going to reveal the location. The restaurant is Italian and it has a nice private room where the guys can let loose and enjoy themselves. It has the perfect amount of class for MM with the rough Tuscan touches, which are good for all for all of the lower key guys. The pre fixe menu sounds delicious and the price is not bad at all.

After dinner is what I am struggling with. I am tossing around poker, gambling, bowling, clubs, burlesque shows, and more. In researching, I found that NYC has all of these things – which is what I expected, but also makes it even more difficult to decide. So, now my search narrows down by distance from the restaurant, Marco’s reaction to the offerings, and price.

The trials of event planning…but it’s so much fun!

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