i Coppi

Though I’ve spent a lot of time plotting and planning MM’s bachelor night, I needed to spend some loving time on my bachelorette night!

This is my second bachelorette party – the first was back in October, and it was planned so early to accommodate for all of my out of town friends. This time around, it will be all NYC ladies and we want to do more of a quality time than a crazy time. That means DINNER! We’re also planning it as a chance to reconnect before we all meet in Italy in 45 days!

I decided that the dinner should be a Tuscan restaurant to get all of the ladies ready and excited for their Italian experience. The next factors to consider are to find a private/semi-private table, downtown location, and an ambiance that contributes to all of the fun conversation we will surely be having…the perfect spot: i Coppi!

This trattoria has the homey feeling of a family restaurant because the husband-and-wife owners built it themselves. From the fantastic brick-oven, exposed brick walls, low ceilings, back garden, and plenty of wood and terra cotta – this place is perfect for an intimate dinner with friends, family, or romance. There are also several coppi, which are the big jars in which olive oil was once stored and referred to as “coppi” in the Pistoia region of Italy – where the owner was born, also the location of my WEDDING!

Wait…it gets better! We haven’t even discussed the food…

Among the best appetizers are a Swiss chard and ricotta flan served with mixed greens, sweet Gorgonzola, robiola and sliced pears. The main courses feel like a Tuscan revelation – grilled, crisp from the wood-burning oven, wild striped bass. I Coppi is even known for its thin-crust pizzas. There are the classic versions, with tomato, mozzarella and fresh basil. And there are several versions of cofaccini, which is called white pizza.

I think the ladies’ night is going to be setting a high bar for the men’s night! However, I am planning both, so I hope everyone has a fantastic dinner and whatever may follow!


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