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I’ve done it…I’ve caved in and joined Twitter…notice the new “Twitter Updates” in the right column…

At first, I had no idea what the purpose of Twitter was – it looked like a strange platform for bored people to inform others on meaningless tasks of their day. Being that I pride myself on being informed and on top of the new digital technologies and social networks used affectively for marketing, I was determined to understand its benefits.

The benefits I have come to understand, if used correctly, are that it gives you the ability to read the conversation between people with the same interests. It is a fast, easy and cheap way to monitor the trends within certain niches. For nycsunflower, this means following and having followers who also care about the city of New York, food, restaurants, entertaining, planning, etc. Here is a brief exaplanation of what I am talking about and how it works:

Twitter is another social network that enables users to send and read other users’ updates – known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length – displayed on the user’s profile page and delivered to other users who have subscribed to them. Subscribers are called “followers” – a term I was fond of at first given it’s negative conotation from junior high school. You can restrict delivery of your tweets to your inner circle of friends or allow anybody to access them. You can send/receive tweets on the Twitter website, text messages on your phone, or specially created Twitter applications such as Tweetie, Twitterrific, Twitterfon, Tweekdeck and feedalizr. The service is free to use over the Internet.

The advantages of Twitter have certainly been noticed by political groups, governments, businesses, social groups, and special interest groups. For instance, Israel was the first government to hold a worldwide press conference via Twitter and took questions from the public regarding the war in Gaza. The LA Fire Department used it during the wildfires in October 2007. NASA has used it for updated on space shuttle missions and on the International Space Station. Several 2008 Presidential candidates used Twitter in their campaigns, and President Obama continues to use it during his Presidency.

I mean…if the President is using Twitter…it has caught on!


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