The Bubble Lounge…pop some bubbly!

Tomorrow night, MM and I have a couple of social engagements: first we are going to see an off-Broadway show for our friend who is the head of the theater company, and second we are going to a birthday party at The Bubble Lounge in Soho. I will have to give a review of the show next week because I haven’t the faintest idea of what we are going to see or what it is about. I can, however, give the low down on The Bubble Lounge
With over 300 Chapagnes and sparkling wines, this bar is the premier champagne salon. It is certain that you will feel a sense of refinement lounging here, which can be refreshing in the New York bar scene. However, the feeling is on line between tasteful and tacky with hundreds of backlit bottles, bubbly posters, shiny black framed pictures, and, more than anything else, the businessmen who have apparenly caught on to the fact that young females gather there. Sometimes, these men can lure a young lady to the Krug Room downstairs where couples can recline and sip their bubbly.
One big positive for The Bubble Lounge is the array of plush sofas and chairs that sprawl throughout the room. It can be very hard to find a lounge with some nice and comfortable seats. Exposed brick and nigh ceilings bring more of the comfortable vibe, which is perfect for intimate conversations.

The menu also follows suit with the impressive drink list offering plates such as oysters, caviar, gourmet cheeses, fresh fruit and chocolate fondue…all adding up to one bubbly, sexy, fun night…the perfect birthday venue for my bubbly, sexy, fun friend…


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