The Gates – is this really a time for expensive exclusivity?

Enter through the gold gates…on May 8th, The Gates will open in the old Biltmore Room. The owners of Naked Lunch and Gemini Lounge will be opening this lavish space and using a PR guy from nightclubs Home, Guest House and Cain to create an ultra-exclusive membership system.

The “ambassador” program will award keys to 125 members of the New York City “elite” – these keys will double as pens or bracelets, but won’t actually open “the gates.” This select group of individuals will also have access to a computer program that will give them the ability to add 5 to 10 “members” who can then show up with guests – thus, filling the quota for each evening. The elite will also carry a gold swipe card that will give them the ability to earn back money or donate to charities, which is meant to eliminate the need for promoters. They hope this “membership program” will also eliminate the guesswork for the doorman, who is assured will be “one of the city’s top 5.”
The servers will wear Maggie Norris corsets and pencil skirts as they serve $16 drinks. One such drink will be “the Ambassador” – naturally. There will be happy hour on Tuesday through Sunday, and they will offer bottle service in the evenings, but they will not be driven by the need to sell bottles – according to the owners. They would like the exclusive crowd to not be weighted down with things so below them.

The food menu will be simple and include:

  • Bacon and Oyster Hushpuppies with Tabasco Tartar Sauce
  • “The Gates High Tea Sandwich” – Martini Pickled Cucumber, Whipped Mascarpone and Caviar
  • “Lobster Thermidor” Grilled Cheese, Smoked Cheddar, Green Apple, Tarragon Mayo
  • Flat Iron Steak Slider, Roquefort Aioli, Crispy Shallots
  • Mac n Cheese Lollipops – Champagne Gruyere Fondue
The Gates
290 Eighth Ave., nr. 25th St.


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