The Umbrella & NYC…

I broke yet another umbrella today…wait a second…I didn’t break it – the abnormally strong winds on West 34th Street did!

What is it with NYC winds and umbrellas?!? I mean really! I don’t recall breaking an umbrella in any other city, but broken umbrellas flood the NYC streets like old Metro Cards on the floor of the subways. It’s a phenomenon, and I think it’s either the crazy amount of pedestrians walking the streets or really cheap umbrellas sold on every corner the second a rain cloud hits the sky.

Well… problem solved…Rain or Shine is here to save us! The only umbrella store in Manhattan sells umbrellas parasols, walking canes and more. With every color and style you could ever imagine, you can use your umbrella to make a stronger statement than your shoes or purse – because we all know all you see on rainy days is a wave of black umbrellas.

Not only will you be saving yourself from spending $10 every time it rains on a cheap umbrella that will break one block down the road, but you will have a strong and relaible protection from the elements…and a new fashionable addition to your outfit. Stand out amongst all of those black umbrellas…this is truly one accessory that you NEED!

Rain or Shine

45 East 45th Street(beteenw Madison & Vanderbilt)
(212) 741-9650


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