Corio – The Best Burlesque Show in NYC!

This Saturday is MM’s and my bachelor/bachelorette night! I have been struggling with the plans for us ladies…I had a nice dinner planned, but then what?!? I wasn’t into the idea of trying to hit a club right after dinner, and I also didn’t want to try to wander into a lounge or bar and have any small issues due to being unprepared – I am a seasoned event planner, so I am well aware of the “little issues” that almost always arise if you don’t preplan as much as you can.
So, I did a little research and I came across Corio. The perfect solution for our ladies’ night! Corio is the home of “This is Burlesque!” – which is said to be the best burlesque show in the city. This Soho spot is named after the legendary burlesque performer, Anne Corio. Tickets are impossible to get, and a celebrity sighting is more normal than Bungalow 8.
Our show will begin at 9:30pm, which puts a wrench in my other dinner plans…BUT, Corio also has a great menu full of Mediterranean fare! We can sit on our velvet couch, eat small dishes, and watch some fabulous entertainment up on the raised stage. It doesn’t get much better! After this show, I am sure we’ll be roaring to go…or meowing…


West Broadway & Grand Street


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