weekend festivities…the big and small of it!

This past weekend was great! The weather, my brother visiting, MM’s and my bachelor/bachelorette parties…it doesn’t get much better.
My ladies’ night turned out to be a huge success…Corio’s burlesque show was amazing and all of the girls thought it was the best way to get together and enjoy some fun entertainment. I even competed in a dance-off on stage with another bachelorette, a bachelor, and a birthday girl…it was rigged and the bachelor won because his friends had very loud and obnoxious Jersey voices.

We continued the night by stopping by Le Cirque to pick up a girlfriend at a birthday party. Le Cirque didn’t impress me with it’s thick carpet (how can you dance on that?!?) and annoying model agency crowd. So, we left and headed to the new club, Griffin, in PM’s old location in the Meatpacking District.

Griffin had opened on Friday, so we were there on their second night being opened. They did a good job a redoing the place – nice new wood floors and a very nice chandelier affect with a mirror to reflect all of the dim lights and make the ceiling look much taller. Nick Cannon was the DJ – he’s Mariah Carey’s husband in case you have no idea who that is. I didn’t know he was DJing until Monday, and I don’t recall being overly impressed. But, I did have a good time tearing up some rug in my tutu skirt and feather head piece.

MM and a few of his friends showed up at Griffin after finishing bowling with the “small man” (I still don’t know if midget is PC or not) I hired to hang out with them. Weird, I know, but MM has a fascination with the idea of a “mini-me” assistant, so I thought that would be much more fun for him than the other typical bachelor party options. Scott, the small man, was an awesome guy, and he ended up hanging out with them for nearly two hours instead of the one hour I paid for. He is a great entertainer, and you can hire him or any other entertainer from this site – clowns, characters, etc.

I had a great time, but I am happy to be done with the bachelor/ette events – I’m ready to move on to the wedding…

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