Bowlmor Lanes…because we should all Bowl More!

I planned a portion of MM’s party at Bowlmor Lanes because he wanted to do something that would be active and fun for all of the guys after dinner. Thankfully, MM isn’t into the typical “bachelor party activities.”

Bowlmor Lanes was very easy to work with – they have some very nice event planners who you can speak with on the phone and they will help guide you through your event planning. They have a limit of 8 people to one lane, which meant we had to reserve two lanes for MM’s party of 15. On a Saturday evening, each lane is about $230 for two hours. That seems like a lot at first, but when you divide it between everyone, its actually very reasonable.

The only sticky situaton was the fact that I was making the reservation and I obviously wasn’t going to be there that evening. They require prepayment by credit card or cash at least 48 hours ahead of time, which meant I had to pay and then count on the guys paying me back. Luckily, they guys were great and took care of me, but that could be a very frustrating thing for other party planning situations. Also, I found an additional $13 charged on my credit card a couple days after the party – when I called to find out what it was, they told me that the guys rented two more pairs of shoes. I thought that was shady, but I was fine to let it drop because Bowlmor emailed me a fantastic photo of MM and all of the guys!


110 University Place
between 12th & 13th


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