Peasant – not for peasants

MM and I have a friend’s birthday party tomorrow night, and when they mentioned the name of the restaurant, Peasant, I was slightly nervous but definitely interested to learn more…

The concrete floor and the aluminum chairs send off warning signals that this place may truly be a bare minimalist restaurant with rabbit food on the menu, but when you get a little bit more familiar with Peasant you realize there is a quiet soul to the restaurant that excudes warmth and comfort. The whitewashed brick walls and bare wood tables don’t offer much hope. The brick pizza oven radiates heat, and the counter in front of the open kitchen, apricots, tomatoes and grapes takes you to chef’s home kitchen. The whitewashed walls and bare wood tables allow for the true stars of this restaurant to shine – the complex simplicity of their recipes.

Locals and hopeless romantics alike flock here for fine Italian food and the charming setting that’s ideal for close conversation over a candle-lit dinner. At a table or on a bench up front, you can order pizza margarita, fresh buffalo mozzarella and tender gnocchi. Chef-owner Frank De Carlo’s cooking shines, and he decided to change the formerly all-Italian menu to include English translations…the only Italian you will need to know is “Molto Buona!”


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  1. Mary Grace

    i took my mom and sis here for mother’s day yesterday! it was DELISH.

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