a magician in a restaurant?


Last night I met up with my best friend to catch up over drinks and apps at Japonais. I have posted about Japonais before because it is our place of choice for a nice saketini – close to home, nice management, good drinks, good sushi, good music.

However, the management has recently changed, and their getting into gimmicks…last night’s entertainment was a 22 year old magician who looked like he was 12. We were enjoying our catch-up conversation and edamame when we were interrupted to watch him flash some cards around in front of our faces and throw some coins in and out of his  too-small fingers…here it is…and VOILA…there it is in the other hand!

ridiculous and annoying…not magic.


I hope that Japonais can get a grasp on their identity and realize that their usuals (me and my friends) don’t want to be entertained (or bothered) with these desperate attempts. If it continues, we will be forced to find another spot away from home…which is never as easy as “voila!” in NYC.



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