Jack @ J.Crew

I was stuck in a taxi today in the UN traffic, and I accidentally forgot to press mute on the tv monitor. Low and behold…I began to watch the ads without even noticing. I saw something very interesting…Jack @ J.Crew


Apparently, J.Crew is answering the calls of all of the unsure men out there who have no clue when it comes to fashion choices. You know…those American men who scoff at fashion and anything even remotely close to a jean that actually fits their body shape…the same ones who insecurely claim that any man who dresses well is either gay or European. Since my husband is Italian, it is obvious I strongly disagree with this stereotype.


“Jack knows best” is a great tool on the J.Crew website, and he even has an email address! He’s like a personal stylist – without the cost. (I’m pretty sure there is not an actual man named Jack handling all of these questions as opposed to a room full of recent college grads or fashion school interns at computers) But, whoever it is – HE tells men how to wear plaid shirts appropriately, why tie bars are a good thing, which jacket works for all seasons, etc. One MUST realize, however, that Jack’s email address is @jcrew, which means it is his JOB to guide customers to buy all J.Crew to achieve the recommended look…


I won’t complain, though, if I start to notice American men taking Jack’s advice – even if it does mean they all look like a tear sheet from the J.Crew catalogue. I would appreciate it actually – so, here’s to Jack! bravo!


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