On Friday, M and I met our friends, R&A, at Chow Bar for our Friday night happy hour date. This is something we do every week – same place, same people, same drinks & apps. 


Chow Bar is going through some changes currently – our old manager friend is no longer there, they’re redeveloping the menu, and they’re renovating to give the place a facelift. Though some of these changes are messing with our desire for familiarity on our Fridays after work, we’re willing to stick it out through the changes to see how it comes out on the other side. 

 One perk to being regulars is that the management is working hard to keep us coming back each week, and they’re asking us for input on their menu developments. Last night, they asked us to try a new cheese fondue. Odd to serve cheese fondue at an Asian fusion restaurant, but it is true that one of their most popular desserts is their chocolate fondue (which somehow seems more Asian, and I don’t know why). Of course we obliged…but we all wish we hadn’t afterwards…


The cheese was not mixed well enough, so there was an uneven taste on the dipped items. It also seemed as though the mix of cheese & alcohol was off and the presentation needed to be more fine-tuned. 

We didn’t share all of our opinions with them, but we did tell them that it needed some work to be worth adding to the menu. 

If you do want to have some fantastic fondue in NYC, however, try these places:



The Bourgeois Pig

La Cave des Fondue



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