Flu Shots @ Duane Reade!

I sadly had a virus for the past couple of days, so I had to have a prescription filled at Duane Reade. When I walked in, I noticed a sign saying that Duane Reade is offering flu shots at many of its locations. I don’t know if this is something that Duane Reade has done in the past, but I think it makes getting the flu shot so much more convenient!


I, however, have a fear of shots that is in the red zone of fear…I would like to get the flu shot, but I am not sure I could ever voluntarily walk into a Duane Reade and not buy some nail polish instead. I have also heard that getting vaccinations can actually lower your natural immune system making it harder to avoid illnesses and even harder to fight them off – this could very well be something I have created in my mind to rationalize my fear. You can read more about the flu vaccination here.


So, it’s your call! Nearly everyone I know gets annual flu shots – I just haven’t braved it yet. Considering it is much easier to stop in at a Duane Reade, I may consider it…key word “may”


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