Via Della Pace

On Saturday night, my husband and I had a dinner date. We rarely get to go out to dinner alone (which is why we cook at home so often, that, and to save $), so this was a special treat!

We tried a new restaurant a few weeks ago called Via Della Pace because another Italian had recommended it to us. We liked it that time, so we thought we would try it again to see if the trend would continue.

via della

The place is perfect for an intimate dinner – small and quaint with plenty of rustic, romantic undertones. There are window seats with velvet pillows and an adorable little table that is actually sticking out over the sidewalk cafe – it is considered a special table, but we don’t necessarily want to be on display as we eat and talk.

The owner, Giovanni, is a very sweet and warm Roman Italian. My husband is from Milan, so there tends to be a north versus south mentality, but he loves the way the Romans talk and act. Giovanni welcomed us in as if we were loyal regulars and even cleared a special window seat for us. He gave us complimentary prosecco and toasted with us – all of this makes you feel as though you are at home with your friends and family – also a big reason people who know about this place continue to come back all of the time.

The place is named after a bar on Via Della Pace in Rome – in the photos here

via della pace_

The menu has nightly specials, which can usually win you over without even looking at the regular menu. I am in love with their tuna steak dishes – I have had tuna prepared two different ways there now, and both were delicious and huge portions. My husband ordered the Saltimbocca alla Romana (veal with pancetta and sage) this last time, and he said is was amazing – just how our brother in law makes it for us when we visit Italy. After these two dishes we also ordered some bruschetta – they have a list of different versions – which was also amazing. 

The best part of our dinner was that we were content to slowly drink some rose and talk – no one pushing us to leave or hurry up. That is rare to find in NYC – I think we have been won over and we will think of Via Della Pace whenever we want a delicious meal with a warm setting, nice service, and easy attitude.

via della pace

Via Della Pace – 48 East 7th Street (2nd Avenue)


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