Nonsense 10…a sensory overload

nonsense nyc

Nonsense NYC is celebrating 10 years of weird art and culture coverage in New York City with their Nonsense 10 event this Saturday. The event will feature artwork by 75 artists, an all-night dance party, and weird and amazing performances every five minutes. All done in one of the best venues in Brooklyn – 3rd Ward.

3rd ward

7 – 9pm: artists, collectives, and makers look into the future with a salon-style gallery show on the main floor. Nonsense NYC asked what people want to see in the next 10 years. The response will show 75 visions of what culture could be like in the next decade.

9pm – 1am:  the brand-new second floor space at 3rd Ward will turn into eight different theatrical venues for a series of intimate performances starting every five minutes. You will not be able to see everything – no one will.

1am – ?:  celebrate 10 years with a special commemorative performance and open up the entire space for dancing.  Featuring DJs: Joro Boro, Dirty Finger, Stache, Small Change, and Justin Carter. Also showing: Raya Brass Band and King Expressers.


This is like Burning Man visits NYC – so dress accordingly!

Order tickets here


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