where will all the magazines go?

Magazines are dying all around us…Conde Nast has announced that they will stop publishing Gourmet, Cookie, Modern Bride and Elegant Bride. They have also been going through layoffs, which I am sure is making 4 Times Square a war zone this week.

Stewart Townsend has also announced that they will be moving aggressively in the digital direction. The Observer quotes him: “The changes will enable us to pursue new ventures,” he wrote in his internal memo. “In the coming weeks, we hope to announce initiatives to develop digital versions of our brands that will make use of new devices and distribution channels.”


I knew this day was coming – in fact, I talked in great detail with a digital media professor at NYU regarding the same issue last Spring. The question still remains – will magazines completely die or will there be some resemblance of the decadent era that has amused, entertained, educated, and thrilled so many all over the world for decades? Will a website fulfill the same excitement as receiving the monthly Vogue in the mail and spending evening after evening digesting all of the articles, photos, tips, and news? What about the smell of the paper or the thrill of flipping the page to look up close at the model and how the hemlines of her skirt ruffle ever so slightly against her strangely alluring fuschia tights?


I may be getting a little emotional or sound crazy to some, but I think we can all relate to loving at least one magazine publication. I also love the Economist – for a different kind of education – but, I think those publications rely less than the fashion mags on advertisers or an economy of excess.


I continue to receive my monthly magazines at home, and I hope that none of them will soon disappear. Signing onto style.com is a fun distraction every once in awhile, but it will never make me as happy as seeing Vogue’s glossy face in my mailbox…


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