“Coco Before Chanel”

My husband and I don’t go to see movies very often…at all. It would take something VERY interesting for either one of us to convince the other that it is worth the $20 that is costs to sit in a NYC theater, fight the crowd, hear other people talking and cheering through the movie, and have to miss a part to go to the bathroom. We also subscribe to Netflix, and we don’t mind waiting a couple of months to see a movie after everyone else has seen it. We actually use other people’s reviews as motivation to add or not add a movie to our list.

I am planning on doing some major pleading with my husband this weekend, however, because I want to see “Coco Before Chanel” very, very badly. Luckily, my husband works in the fashion industry and he is fascinated with the fashion elite of yesteryear, so it may not require too much convincing.


Coco Before Chanel” is actually telling the story of Coco Chanel before the success of Chanel, though. It is telling the life story that led her to create one of the most widely recognized and respected fashion brands in the world and in the history of fashion. A story that begins with a young girl in an orphanage who moves and manipulates her way into the high classes of society. She broke all conventions of her time – she wouldn’t marry even the man who had her heart and instead she wore his clothing. She is the perfect example of the modern woman and she is now a symbol of success, freedom and style.


I think I can organize a strong agrument for my husband…its likely I won’t have to push too hard…

The movie is only playing in NY and LA right now. In NY, it is playing at:

The Paris – 4 West 58

Chelsea Cinemas – 23rd St between 7th & 8th

Angelika Film Center – Houston & Mercer  


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