Gossip Girl Walk


“XOXO, Gossip Girl”

I hate to admit it, but every time I hear this seductive phrase after the beginning of “Gossip Girl” I get a little excited. Not because I find fulfillment in a teenage existence that I never experienced, but because it has to be one of the best guilty pleasures on tv these days. The characters are hilarious, the story lines ridiculous, and the extravagant lifestyles of adolescents in NYC’s upper eastside are perfect for the CW.


It is just absurd to see an 18 year old boy dressed like a wealthy middle-aged man sitting at an expensive hotel bar drinking a martini in the afternoon. Or watch a 17 year girl bid $7,000 on a photo at a Sotheby’s auction in a Louis Vuitton dress with an Hermes purse. I mean really? This show is pure entertainment!

If you, like me, find some enjoyment in this weekly hour of dirt, then maybe you would also appreciate the “Gossip Girl Walk” that Time Out has laid out. Starting at Grand Central Terminal and ending at Dylan’s Candy Bar – it’s the perfect jaunt around midtown eastside. Eat at Gilt, buy a cell phone bag at KC Signatures, get your hair blown out at Bumble and Bumble, indulge in some sweet treats at Dylan’s, and more!

gossip girl walk

Not necessarily the most normal walk for someone who has lived in NYC for seven years, but that’s why I enjoy these touristy things – to do the things I would never even think of…



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