Monet’s Water Lilies @ MoMA

I am not a huge museum goer, but I definitely know what I like and don’t like when it comes to art. I also appreciate art that takes some real skill and talent – for example, a human brain in a jar with a projected video of a person’s face does not impress me…at all…just makes me sick.


Claude Monet. Water Lilies

One artist that I have always loved is Claude Monet – I think I am not alone in seeing the beauty and complexity in his paintings. There is an exhibition at the MoMA right now with a collection of Monet’s Water Lilies. I think it is well-worth the trip to see these loved paintings all in one place. There are also special lectures to learn more about the artist and these specific paintings.


Claude Monet. Agapanthus

Claude Monet certainly didn’t struggle with a paint brush – the only weakness I can think he may have had was writer’s block with his painting titles…


Claude Monet. The Japanese Footbridge



Claude Monet. Water Lilies



Claude Monet. Water Lilies



Claude Monet. Water Lilies





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