NYC Fall Foliage

Fall is my favorite season – I love the colors, smells, holidays, crisp and cool air, clothes, boots, everything! My birthday is also in November, so I think the excitement of that also added the my love for all things Fall.

One of my favorite things is the way that the trees change color to make the palette of the earth even more beautiful than normal. Everything that was once green turns yellow, pale green, red, orange, brown, and every tone in between. I grew up outside of Pittsburgh, so the foliage was everywhere – driving through the woody hillsides was one of my favorite after school activities around this time of year.


In NYC, although there are less trees and I don’t have my Jeep Wrangler anymore, there is still an abundance of Fall foliage to be appreciated in Central Park. Here are some of the spots to consider visiting in the next two weeks – because after that, its brown, grey and bare…

Great Lawn – ginko and sweetgum tree foliage

Sweetgum leaf

Sweetgum leaf

Bow Bridge – look east to the red maples

red maple leaf

red maple leaf

Literary Walk – the breeze brings the leaves down like snow

Linden leaf

Linden leaf

100th Street Pool – the reflection on the water is doubely beautiful

Belvedere Castle – red falls from the black tupelo trees

Ginko leaf

Ginko leaf

The Ramble – ginko leaves form a beautiful blanket

NOT foliage...

NOT foliage...

…you will likely find many other things amidst the foliage, but these things are better left in the trash bins. Please don’t be a litter bug!


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