random fun things that you’ve never done in NYC…

In the city that never sleeps and has everything and anything you could ever want, sometimes its hard to actually come up with things to do. I don’t know if it’s because the options are overwhelming, there’s a lack of information, or we just tend to get into a routine of going to the same places on the same evenings with the same people. There’s so much more out there to experience, and it doesn’t have to cost $$$:


1. Hop on the Staten Island Ferry for a free trip around Lady Liberty! The ferry also runs 24 hours, so you can do this any time you want – sunshine or moonshine. (Battery Park, South St @ Whitehall St)


2. Stop in for a match at the Village Chess Shop (230 Thompson St between Bleeker/W. 3rd St)

3. If you’re looking for some competitive games with good music and drinks, Fat Cat has nightly jazz, board games, ping-pong, shuffleboard, and more! (75 Christopher Street @ 7th Avenue)


4. In a frisky mood, check out the acts at the Slipper Room where men sing like women and women act like show girls…it’s entertainment that you won’t find anywhere else! (167 Orchard St @ Stanton)


5. Write a “sweet” message to your special someone on the huge scrolling marguee in Times Square at the Hershey’s store – just ask a shop employee and they’ll show you the counter to purchase 15 minutes of scroll time for just $1.95! Now that’s cheap for such a big impact! (Broadway & 48th St)

hotel chelsea

6. Tour the famous Chelsea Hotel during one of the monthly tours that were recently revived to witness first-hand the venue of some of NYC most famous individuals. (222 W. 23rd St)

7. Finish off all of your NYC fun with a “street dog” or some of those nuts that smell so good you think you might die if you don’t buy a bag…or you’ll die FROM buying a bag with all of the germs from the vendor’s hands. Regardless, it’s all part of the crazy world of NYC.


I definitely want to knock all of these things off of my bucket list, but I also appreciate going to the same place on the same night to see the same people – it keeps me sane and connected to the people who mean the most to me…there’s a time for everything, right?

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