Duets 35 – Karaoke in K-Town!!!

Tomorrow night my husband and I have a Halloween Karaoke party! This is right down my alley…1. I love to wear costumes 2. I love to karaoke and 3. I love seeing so many of my friends in one place at the same time!


Now – my husband has a near heart attack every year around this time because he has to figure out what costume he is going to wear. Since we have been together, he has been a mob gangster, Caesar, James Bond, and this year I think he will be some sort of Frank Sinatra.


He is much more prepared than I am because a huge box was delivered to my office today – when I opened it, I found a white hat and boots with the white upper portion…you can imagine the look of my coworkers…

The rule of the party is that everyone has to be a singer, so I am planning on Cher, Marilyn Monroe or a flapper singer. I have the flapper outfit, so now I just need a microphone to make it a flapper singer!


The party is at Duets 35 in Korea Town. This means that the place has fantastically cheesy private rooms for parties like ours, tons of alcohol (including my favorite, sake!), good snacks, and a bilingual remote for the projector and music. Classic!

duets 35


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