Vintage Thrift Shop


I like to think that I am a smart shopper – I don’t like to spend money on anything unless I think I am getting a good value. I also think pretty hard before making most purchases – if I see something I like, I won’t buy it and then if I find myself thinking about the item a few days later, I am sure I would use it. But, one thing is true – I don’t like cheap quality. It bugs me to feel or see bad materials – fabrics, zippers, buttons, furniture, etc. One way of shopping that works for the likes of me is quality vintage shopping, but I have to admit it can be hard to find that gem of a piece…

Enter Vintage Thrift Shop!

vintage 7

People walk out of this place with Prada shoes with soles that have never touched the ground, vintage Lanvin belts, and Madonna studded cuffs – the real things! Not to mention the furniture that will make you feel like you’re in a modern episode of Mad Men. Find furnishings, hats, vintage gloves, housewares, matchbook covers, etc. Talk to the salespeople – they are fashion curators!

The best time to go? Transitional periods – such as Fall and Spring when closets are cleaned. Merchandise does arrive daily, though, so stop in whenever you get the chance. Friday afternoons and Sundays tend to be busy.

Vintage also holds window auctions – but bidding can be fierce, so have your game face ready. They have so many donations, that they even have stuff in storage. Also look out for the “blue tag” fifty percent off sales when the goods are marked down even further after a few weeks on the floor.

Don’t forget to donate your own clothes from seasons past – one person’s trash could be another person’s treasure! Plus, you get a tax deduction…

286 Third Avenue
(22nd & 23rd Streets)

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