Palmer Girls…great Halloween costume!

This past Saturday, we had our annual Halloween Karaoke party (mentioned in a previous post), and it was fantastic! Everyone was dressed in amazing costumes – all music related. I ended up going as a Palmer Girl (you know – Addicted to Love) with three of my girlfriends, and we tore the house down with our red lips and blow-up guitars 🙂


While we were getting ready, we decided we needed some help with our makeup techniques because all of us were born in the 80’s so we’re not so used to the smokey-eye shadow-up-to-the-eye brow…we found this YouTube video, which guides you through the entire process from the beginning. Amazing!


We bought our skin-tight black dresses at American Apparel, and they were perfect! Our blow up guitars were from Toys r Us. All of this with some sheer black tights, pointy-toed pumps, and slick hair bun – we were set! I highly recommend this costume for any girl who wants to look hot and act like a diva for the night – another bonus – the outfit wasn’t freezing cold because we bought long-sleeved dresses!


Oh – and don’t forget that The Palmer Girls never smile…no need to worry about your red lipstick getting on your pearly whites!


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