Gotham City Ghost Tour

If you’ve done the haunted houses, you’re sick of the Halloween Day Parade, and you’d like to not fight the traffic and crazy crowds in costumes on Halloween night…there is something fascinating to do this weekend during the day that will still get your goose bumps going!


Edgar Allan Poe

The Gotham City Ghost Tour is the perfect compliment to (or substitute for) all of NYC’s night-time Halloween activities. Visit historic and macabre sites in Greenwich Village including Edgar Allan Poe’s old house, the spooky cemetery at St. Mark’s, and the burial ground at Washington Square!


St. Mark's Cemetery

Now this sounds like it would be fun even if it wasn’t Halloween weekend, and $18 isn’t so bad when compared to spending a lot more money browsing American Apparel for some Halloween costume inspiration. So make sure you call Gotham City for the meeting spot and details: 212.465.3331

Saturday, Oct 31 @ 1pm & 4pm

Sunday, Nov 1 @ 12:30pm & 2:45pm

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