NYC Marathon – SUNDAY, NOV 1!!!

It’s that time of year again…


when all of New York City comes out and joins together to enjoy watching their friends and family sweat and struggle through the 26.5 miles of the NYC Marathon.

It is truly one of the best times to be a New Yorker –  the spririt of the city is somehow healthier and happier. Watching the 40,000 runners pass is rejuvenating and exciting – although it always makes me think “if that guy can run the marathon, what the heck am I doing on the sideline?!?!?!” This thought usually passes with the justification of being busy with work, classes, husband, coop board, etc, etc. Always calmed with the promise of running SOME DAY


I also love it when its marathon time because my birthday is on November 7th, so the marathon = party time for me! 🙂



There are so many good spots to watch – it’s best to choose the borough first since the marathon goes through Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx. You may want to choose a spot near one of the 100 bands that will be playing to motivate the runners. You can also dine at one of Zagat’s recommended spots to not miss a step! If you’re really interested in supporting your loved one or just want to have a prime seated location, you can purchase seats in the bleachers in Central Park for the last 100 meters!

Whatever you do – get out there and support our runners and the causes many of them are running for!!!


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