Birthday Full of Surprises!

After two days of sitting in a court house, bored out of my mind, for jury duty – I needed an exciting weekend full of social activities – and that’s exactly what I got!


My birthday was Saturday…I’m 27!…and my husband knows me so well that he planned a full day of surprises for me! Literally, surprise after surprise. It was a little difficult to know how to dress for each mysterious activity, but luckily he helped me put together some fabulous outfits that were perfect. We spent the afternoon walking around Nolita. We had some coffee at a very sweet Brazilian cafe called BarBossa. After a full afternoon of window shopping, we headed home to get ready for the first surprise.

He took me to the Soho House around 4:30pm, which was very confusing because I didn’t think we would want to drink or eat at that time of the day. Instead of going to the restaurant or club floor, he took me to a private theater where he had my favorite movie ready to play. It was just the two of us in a beautiful and comfortable theater watching Father of the Bride 2…don’t mock the movie choice! I love these movies because they make me feel like the world is beautiful and sweet. I especially LOVE Steve Martin and Martin Short’s relationship in the second film.

After the movie, he surprised me with dinner at Minetta Tavern with our closest couple of friends. We had a very special back booth, which was perfect to feel private but still be able to people-watch (there was a table of three couples at the table in front of us, and they were legitimate “housewives” reality material!). The dinner was delicious and relaxed.

minetta tavern copy

Finally, we walked to The Dove Parlour nearby to share another birthday toast. To my final surprise – all of my friends were waiting for me to arrive and screamed “Surprise!” when I walked in. At this point, my heart couldn’t take any more amazing surprises, so I was glad they ended there.

It was truly the best birthday I have ever had – my husband deserves an award…I will definitely work to thank him! ♥

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