STAGES of a fight


Lance Armstrong and Nike have united to create  STAGES, a global art exhibition to raise funds and awareness for the fight against cancer. Although I have my wonders about Lance’s recent relationship activities, I do believe he has done a lot in helping to further research for fighting cancer. A few years ago, I couldn’t walk around the streets without seeing a yellow wristband on every person who walked by. It was odd, but all for a good cause!


More than 20 renowned artists have donated their time and creativity to enhance the message and raise funds for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Many of the pieces of art are fascinating alone without factoring in the deeper meaning behind each piece – making the experience more valuable and emotional.


STAGES is more than just another NYC event with a celebrity name attached to it – it is a unique celebration of human potential. It also manages to unite the often separate worlds of philanthropy, art and sport.


All work is available for purchase with proceeds directly benefiting the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Join the fight.


STAGES New York at Deitch Projects
October 31 – November 21, 2009
489 Broome


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