Red Hot Holiday Party


Every year, I like throw a Christmas/holiday party before everyone leaves the city to visit family or travel. Being that I love to celebrate and plan, I always choose a theme to make the party more fun and more motivating to attend. A few years ago, my party was called “Sedexy” which was really just a word my girlfriend and I said a lot. Another year, the party was “gold” and I held it in my newly purchased apartment, and last year I held “Christmas Tinis!” at a neighborhood bar to keep it relaxed and easy because my then-fiance and I were traveling to Italy shortly after for my now-sister-in-law’s wedding and then traveling with our Italian family to Pittsburgh to celebrate Christmas with my family…the language barrier between our families and all of the traveling was enough…

This year its gonna be…Red Hot Holiday!

Everything will be centered around the hot color of RED. Here are a few pieces of inspiration:


I’m envisioning red cocktails, red flowers, red santa hats, red banquets, red wine, red heels, red lipstick, red candy, red hors d’oeuvres, red dresses, red ties…I’d even LOVE to get a redhead in there!

I am not throwing this one in my apartment because I am planning on inviting everyone I know for a huge holiday happy hour! I have the perfect venue in mind, and I am hoping to nail down the plans this evening…more planning to come!


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