B&H – camera superstore

Yesterday, my husband and I went to B&H – the electronics megastore on West 34th Street and 9th Avenue. It is definitely the best store to buy anything related to cameras. The store operates like a grown-up fantasyland – similar to FAO Schwartz or Santa’s workshop for a child – although it is owned, managed, and staffed by Hasidic Jews, so you won’t find Christmas trees or Santa hats here… 

There is a system of tracks running along the ceiling with purchases that meet the rightful owner after the cashiers. The customer only touches the products in the presence of a B&H representative. After the sale is complete, the customer is given a receipt and the purchase goes into a bucket and on its way to the pick-up station.


We were there because I had an unfortunate run-in with losing my camera in a taxi, so I did some research to find the best place to repurchase my Sony Cybershot. B&H had the best price by far – along with all of the extra little goodies including an 8GB memory card and case. I also purchased a 2-year damage warranty that will cover my camera if I break it or even drop it in the sink or toilet (which has happened to me before…).

All in all, B&H is my recommendation for top of the line products at a good price. Just don’t bother going on Friday after 1 pm or Saturday – they’re closed for Sabbath.



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2 responses to “B&H – camera superstore

  1. Thanks for visiting and for this writeup. This is very gratifying and we’re glad you were so satisfied.

    Henry Posner
    B&H Photo-Video

  2. alexismaida

    My husband is in the photography industry, and I ask many of the photographers whom he works with where they buy their cameras and equipment…the answer is always B&H.

    One of our friends, who is also a successful photographer, was recently in Tokyo. He said its cheaper to buy Japanese products at B&H.

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