Top Shop – back to the 80’s


A couple of weeks ago, while I was drowning in my 2-day  jury duty sentence, I was released before my husband was finished with work. So, I figured that would be my only opportunity to stop in at Top Shop on a weekday. I have tried multiple times to go during the weekend, but it is always crowded to a point where any normal New Yorker over the age of 20 should have a panic attack…

I was very excited to hear a few months back that Top Shop was opening on Broadway near Broome Street. I have browsed the British site many times over the past few years for fashion inspiration. When Kate Moss became a featured contributor with her own line, I thought it was a very smart move and similar to that of H&M’s recent moves with Madonna, Jimmy Choo, etc. The biggest difference I found between Top Shop and H&M was the prices…$300 for a little studded jacket? This place is not your go-to bargain store for a quick fashion fix to help you dress for a last minute party…unless Balenciaga is included in your normal shopping spree…

Another thing I noticed once I had browsed my way past the sticker shock and a few Upper Eastside ‘gossip girls’, I realized that it was all 80’s inspired. I felt as though I had gone back in a time machine to the days when I was 7 years old rummaging through my 4 older sisters’ closets – bulky cord sweaters, tight stone-washed jeans with zippers, huge shoulder pads, sequins, flowers, fuschia, purple, lace! ahhhhhhh…

Luckily, I found my way to the fifth floor where I found some cute boyfriend-inspired clothes – a trend I am in love with and always have been. I also found the Office shoe section, which I am positive was somehow inspired by yours truly. I bought a pair of great booties that have a big enough heel to have some height yet not hurt my feet after a day of work or add 5″ to my already 5’11” frame…

I’m happy with what I found, but struggling to rid myself of the 80’s deja vu and wondering if I will ever step foot in Top Shop again considering jury duty only comes around every 8 years or so…


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