Midtown…the new (or old) ‘downtown’

If you’re looking to escape the scenes of Meatpacking, Soho or West Village, you may just want to venture UPTOWN to MIDTOWN! In these restaurants, bars and hotels you won’t be bothered by low ceilings, worn carpets, skinny 19-year-olds in torn jeans and t-shirts, $50 entrees that taste and look like $20, B-rated actresses who are only famous for their DUIs, etc. No, these midtown venues bring the feelings of old New York, class, charm and sophistication. You feel as though you are hanging out where your wealthy parents (or even grandparents) used to dress up to dine or drink. It is like living in a scene of Mad Men – where men and women dress and act appropriately with a little flavor of sexy naughtiness conducted in the classiest of manners.

There is also no drought of celebrities or public figures anymore. From Demi Moore’s fragrance party at the Monkey Bar to Madonna singing “Happy Birthday” at Casa Lever, it seems as though the better portion of all of the entertainment industries has made its way uptown as well…

Some places to go:


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