Frank Gehry’s Beekman Tower

I am not an architect nor do I really know much of anything about architecture, but I do appreciate and love design. One of the architects who has gained my attention and admiration is Frank Gehry. I mean, you know he’s famous when “the Simpsons” includes him in an episode…

My fascination began when I watched a documentary on the Guggenheim Bilbao museum in Spain. He actually built it with steel from PITTSBURGH! That is just fantastic!


One of his buildings is in New York is the IAC Building in Chelsea. In daylight, it looks as though they forgot to remove some sort of white window tape – then you realize it is part of the design. At night, it really looks beautiful and adds a lot to a drive down the Westside Highway.

Why am I writing about Mr. Gehry? He is the designer of the new Beekman Tower downtown near the Brooklyn Bridge. Today, the building reached its highest height! There was a small ceremony to celebrate the last piece being hiked to the top, and when Mr. Gehry came to the microphone he showed humor by simply stating, “No Viagra,” pointing straight up with his finger. It is his tallest building by far.

Beekman Tower

Frank described his inspiration by saying, “We built many models of this. I holed myself up two days in a tall hotel room here and just looked at the skyline while I was designing it.” The folds in the building were inspired by Bernini folds – the folds on the clothing of marble sculptures carved in the 17th century.

The ways that Frank Gehry opens our eyes to the possibilities of architecture shows us that it is an art form…and his descriptions are like poetry.


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