Macelleria per cena

My sister and her husband are in town this evening, so we’re having a big group dinner. Now…being that I am in the hospitality industry I am naturally put in charge of the restaurant and the plan.


  1. PRICE – my younger brother is making his way as a waiter right now, my husband is opening a new company, I’m paying of credit cards, and well…there was a minor recession recently…
  2. PORTIONS – my brother-in-law, his brother, and my two brothers all require a whole cow on their plate as opposed to a petite filet
  3. AMBIANCE – my sister-in-law is an artist, my older sister lives in DC and rarely visits NYC, and my husband and I enjoy pleasant surroundings
  4. LOCATION – my husband and I have to go to a holiday party afterward at Avenue – so we want to stay in the area to not have to cab it so many times

First choice, Scarpetta! But…with a party of 8, that’s a tough one. Plus, I’ve heard that Will Ferrell is dining there tonight and they are wayyyy overbooked…so that’s out.

Next choice, Macelleria!  This place fits all of our criteria. They have delicious steaks and great fish, the atmosphere reminds me of Tuscany (bringing memories of my wedding, which I LOVE), its in the Meatpacking District, and the prices aren’t crazy. done and done.

And now…I’ll leave you with this slightly akward video of a middle-aged couple eating and discussing their dishes at Macelleria – at least you can see some of the dishes! ♥

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