Time Warner & Landlines…

My husband and I are doing something we never thought we would do…we’re getting a LANDLINE!

This came up a few weeks ago when my Blackberry completely malfunctioned and I wasn’t able to email, call or text. I felt so disconnected and nervous to not have my comfort zone of instant communication 24/7! I headed home early to use my gmail account to email my husband to let him know why I wasn’t answering emails for phone calls. Of course everything was fine, but I never want to be in that situation and actually have something bad happen. SO, we’re getting a home phone just so both of us can always use that in an emergency and our close family and friends can also leave us voice messages on our joint machine, if they need.

You know what this means…an opportunity to purchase a new piece of technology! I enjoy browsing websites to find a fun new gadget, but my husband takes this pleasure to a whole new level. The second he realized getting a home phone meant actually being able to BUY a phone, he has been on every possible website looking for the sleakest phone that would be a fun toy for him to set up.

Personally, I would like an antique phone, but I definitely don’t want to have to manually do anything let alone be stuck wherever the phone is! So…we’re going for a wireless.

We found one that we like by VTech. It’s a shiny, sleak, black design with tons of extra features including a built in voice message machine. (Granted, I already signed up for voice messaging through Time Warner, so now I have to cancel that $3.95/month service).

I was very excited about this phone as well – that is – until I went to Time Warner’s offices on  East 23rd Street this morning to pick up our new modem with the phone jack and they gave me a FREE PHONE! I explained to the representative that this would have been helpful information to provide me BEFORE actually going to pick up the modem. I even asked the woman on the phone when I added the phone service if I needed to buy my own phone and she said “yes.” Of course, I would like to return our VTech phone as soon as it arrives, but my husband isn’t so excited about it’s design:

Also, we purchased it from Newegg.com, and we have to pay a 15% restocking fee if we return it…ugggg! I blame Time Warner for this!


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  1. Good post – As an antique phone enthusiast this is interesting.I’m happy:glad I found this

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