I would like to write a post that is interesting and full of content and images – unfortunately, I have a final for one of my NYU courses tonight. You probably didn’t expect me (a married working woman) to still be in school, but I am! Earning my bachelor’s degree has certainly been something that I have had to be committed to while working, traveling, getting married, and all of the other fun distractions that come up being a very social person in NYC.

I am finishing my last on-campus course and my senior research project this semester. Next semester I will only have one online course and then I GRADUATE at Madison Square Garden (of all places)!

I come from a family of seven children, and every other child graduated after four years immediately following high school. I, on the other hand, have lived all over the world and began working full time as a fashion model when I was a teenager – it sidetracked me a bit, but I found my way back to NYC and committed to getting my bachelor’s degree at NYU in business no matter how long it took me to finish.

After all of my efforts, I will treasure my degree more than most and I am actually quite proud that I have stuck in there even though I don’t need a degree with my career already well established. Going to school while working full-time has also made me used to the hectic schedule – who knows – maybe a graduate degree is in my near future!



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