holiday happy hours…

Last night, my best friend and I wanted to meet up for our usual Thursday happy hour/catch up/has your week been as crazy as mine session…

Typically, we have a table waiting for us at Japonais, but there was some sort of an investment bankers’ holiday party taking up the entire bar area. It would have been easy for me to speak with the manager (who knows me and my friend very well), but then we would have had to be in the middle of all of the people anyhow. So, we walked (in the freezing cold) to Pete’s – where there was another abnormal amount of investment bankers and their floozies. We then proceded to check Haru and Olives (both crazy crowded) before deciding on going to Blue Water Grill.

The upstairs bar was pretty full, so we headed downstairs to the bar in the lounge/dining room with live jazz music. It was a nice ambiance -especially with the music, but they don’t have saketinis or edamame…which are 100% necessary for my friend and I to feel comfortable. We settled with martinis, chatted non-stop, waiting for my husband to join us and then decided our time there had met its end.

We then headed to Underbar in the W Hotel. It’s on the 16th Street side of the hotel with an entrance that leads downstairs. It was surprisingly not over-crowded. At first the waitress put us in one of the red velvet private rooms, but that felt unnecessary and too private for me, my girlfriend, and my husband…so we hopped onto three bar stools and enjoyed another drink and some delicious grilled serloin skewers. These were so good – we were pleasantly surprised and much happier to have something in our bellies…

It was sooo cold outside that trying to get the three blocks home was a trial…we also had to ride the Vespa home because my husband continues to brave bone-chilling degrees on that thing…soon he’ll realize he is THE ONLY one driving around on a Vespa still 🙂

Long story short, it was more difficult than normal to enjoy our Thursday happy hour/catch up/was your week as crazy as mine session…we hope that all of these holiday people will soon go back to wherever they normally reside on Thursday evenings ♥


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