tea cups & biscuits

On Saturday, I cohosted a baby shower for my good friend – it was so scrumptious – especially the place I chose to host it. Sweetiepie will be my choice for baby showers from now on! Just look at these photos from the tables…

They printed special menus specially for my friend – with extra vegetarian tea sandwiches since she is a vegetarian.

I mean – when butter and jam looks like this – how can you NOT want to eat it?!?!?!

These mini cakes were so sweet and the perfect size to not make you feel guilty…

The tea sandwiches were all adorably cut into triangles – with NO CRUST! This was my dream as a little girl because my grandpa used to tell me crust would turn my hair curly – even though my hair does have naural curl, this threat scared me…

Meringues that look like they came from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory!

One of our party favors was these little baby bottles with gum inside…

The tables were also decorated with random baby names – to get all of the guests guessing. The parents-to-be don’t want to know what the sex of the baby is – so there were tons of names to consider!

All in all, it was an adorable shower and I think the venue truly added to the charm of the party!


19 Greenwich Ave (between Christopher and 10th), New York, NY, 10014


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