Cibar – Fireside Christmas-tinis

I am going to meet up with two girlfriends who I haven’t seen in a long time tonight. We wanted to try to get together before Christmas to catch up. Being that the three of us enjoy cozy, more romantic atmospheres and we typically become more girly when we’re together, I figure that a good place to meet would be Cibar.

They have a couple of fireplaces that feel perfect for some Christmas-tinis and the red velvet couches welcome you in the same way Santa’s lap did when you were little. Cibar is downstairs on Irving Street, which makes it feel like a secret gem. They also have a back courtyard that’s wonderful during the milder months.


With such martinis as the Alice Twister, Beauty School Dropout, Lemonicious, and the Vanilla Manhattan – we’ll have plenty of fun trying a few! They also have edamame…perfect!


56 Irving Place
New York, NY 10003-2314
(212) 460-5656

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