Snowy, snowy Saturday…

On Saturday, the snow started coming down…down…down in NYC…

My husband and I were out trying to take care of some last minute shopping – btw NEVER attempt to go to Macy’s at Herald Square on the Saturday before Christmas – there was no miracle happening on 34th Street. Once we realized that the snow was not going to slow down, we headed home and enjoyed being “stuck” inside to watch movies and cook dinner. We watched the snow blowing on East 18th Street, and admired our still street being covered with a blanket of white. The rooftops from our bedroom window looked so soft and heavenly like they were covered in marshmallow fluff. Bellissimo!

I love NYC in the snow! As long as it’s fresh snow – the next few days…weeks…months after a beautiful snow tend to be one big blur full of slush…I’m glad I was able to enjoy Saturday’s little Christmas present!


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