Back home in NYC…

My husband, younger brother and I drove to Pittsburgh to spend Christmas with my family. It was great – except for the fact that I was wearing a cast on my righthand which severly interrupted my normal activities. We were able to see my parents, maternal grandparents, two sisters, their husbands and their combined 6 children!

Our activities included: shopping at the mall (which has become more like an observance of facinating characters and clothing trends after 7 years in NYC), watching blueray movies on my parents’ huge tv (which feels more like you’re actually inside the film than watching it from a couch that is so comfortable I would like to bring it to NYC to replace my bed), cooking dinner for large groups of family (in a kitchen that can fit my entire NYC kitchen in the center island), going to Starbucks with my mom each morning (our ritual to have some alone time to finally discuss all of the little details of our lives that just can’t be portrayed over the phone), sleeping in (on a king-sized bed that my husband loved because it prevented my ability to hit him with my cast while tossing and turning), grocery shopping at Giant Eagle (which could house an entire NYC grocery store in the produce section), chatting with family (aka – sharing funny old stories that we have shared a million times before), meeting up with old friends (aka – comparing jobs, husbands, clothing styles and drinking in an old bar in town that was “off-limits” when we were in high school), visiting with my grandparents (wishing they could still enjoy themselves as much as they did in their past – if only their bodies were as young as their souls)…

There’s definitely more involved in a visit home, but that pretty much gives a good picture of what I have been up to over the past week!

As my husband, brother (who lives in Tribeca) and I drove into NYC last night, I felt a sigh of relief to finally be back…Pittsburgh will always be special in my heart, but it has had to step down to NYC as my HOME….


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