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Faustina @ the Cooper Hotel

If you’ve been to Scarpetta and tried Scott Conant’s food, you’re going to want to try his new restaurant opening next week in the Cooper Square HotelFaustina!

Promised to have the same modern and simple ambiance and (more importantly) the  same delicious Italian dishes as Scott’s other restaurants. Faustina is named after the Roman empress whose monument is the only building inside the Roman Forum dedicated to a woman. The restaurant reflects chef Scott Conant’s simple, soulful approach to Italian cuisine coupled with his knack for pairing the casual with the refined.

They’re already accepting reservations on OpenTable – but expect to be angled more toward the 6:30 or 9:30 time slots. It’s Scott Conant…what do you expect?!?!?

I’ll be trying Faustina with my husband – Scarpetta is his favorite Italian restaurant in NYC – which is not an easy accomplishment…

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Time Warner ripped me off…and then tried to make it better…

I just got off the phone with Time Warneralways a fun time!

I called to complain because we added a home phone to our account and we thought we were getting the $99 Triple Play package that has been plastered all over the television. I wanted to add a home phone so that my mobile wasn’t my only source of communication in the case of an emergency

I went through the whole procedure of adding the service, going to Time Warner to pick up the phone to eliminate delivery and setup charges, and waiting a week for them to activate the service. We had a month of joy in watching the caller ID pop up on our television screen (typically our parents or cold-callers because our friends all call us on our mobiles). This joy came to a halt when we saw our first bill for the month! $180!

Anger, panic and an irrational hate came over me as I imagined all of the Time Warner employees laughing as they sent out the statements thinking they can conned me into paying DOUBLE what I had expected…no way…not this chica!

I called and complained to three different individuals as they passed me around from department to department – each time asking me to verify my phone number, name and address. I was very persuasive in my discussion – claiming that I had been misled and confused by false advertising. I also explained my frustration in thinking that they wouldn’t want to reward a customer, such as myself, who subscribes to all of their services! Apparently the $99 deal was only for NEW customers or customers who only had ONE service through Time Warner. Did you hear that in the tv commercials…cause I didn’t!

In the end, they granted me a deal for $119, Showtime for free for one year and a $30 reimbursement for my last billing cycle. I’m not 100% happy, but I feel validated…oh Time Warner…why?

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$60 Massage? done.

Since my last massage – the couple’s massage I gifted my husband for Christmas – I have been longing to return to a spa…

What keeps me from the spa???


Enter…Asia Tui Na Wholeness: Tui na massage – $60 for 60 minutes!

Tui-Na is the traditional Chinese medical form of massage.  It can be done light- or deep-tissue-style.  It utilizes the teachings of Chi-Gong to combine pushing, rubbing, and tapping the body’s muscles, acupressure points and energy meridians. It can treat all manner of bodily ills and sicknesses. As Tui-Na sees it, this is accomplished by restoring the balance between your body’s Yin and Yang energies, which constitute all things.

The space is quiet and clean. The proof, though, is on the table.

37 E 28th St

between Madison and Park Aves

uite 800


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i’m gettin my hair did…

Daily Candy sent out a 25% discount for their readers to the Whittemore House Salon today…and I hopped right on that bandwagon! I don’t joke about a few things in life and two of those things are my hair and saving $$$… 🙂

I checked out the website for the Whittemore House, and it looks amazing! Honestly, the website lured me in even more than the discount!

I have been in desperate need of a highlight touch-up and a trim, but I have been debating on wanting some change so I’m hoping a new stylist will give me that va-va-voom I am looking for. (I am not going to tell my current hair stylist that I am going to cheat on him…it may only be one time! the guilt is killing me…) My husband requested (kindly) that I not change my color or my length, so the possibilities are limited…that is UNLESS I have an amazing colorist and stylist who can work some magic with the dimensions of color and layers!

Given the Bumble & Bumble background of the owners of the salon, I think I am in good hands (or scissors)…we shall see! 


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Burlesque Art

I love burlesque…somehow its sexy without the same awful feeling as a stripper club…or maybe its just the fact that there tends to be more females enjoying the shows than dirty old men. Yeah – I think that’s it.
The women in a burlesque show are also much more real and provocative than strippers – they remind me of Marilyn Monroe. Their hair styles, their outfits, their dances and their voices take you back to a time when famous women would use their looks in the same manner to seduce their audiences (or the president)…
This weekend, you can appreciate the beauty of the burlesque and draw the burlesque queens at the Slipper Room
with Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School! “This is what happens when cabaret meets art school,” says founder and artist Molly Crabapple.
Cupcakes, booze, prizes, and new art for your boudoir!
Slipper Room
167 Orchard St at Stanton St
4-7pm. $10, bring your own art supplies

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How to lower your rent in NYC…

My younger brother and a few friends have been in the market to find a new apartment for a lower rent…they may be able to just stay where they are and request a reduction in their rent! Here are some stories from the street:

Maybe there are some positives to this whole recession thing…if only I could request a mortgage reduction…or at least a reward for not faltering on my monthly payments!  

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John Hodgman’s fake New York trivia

The comedian’s untruthy “facts” about NYC, including tidbits about the Empire State Building, Gramercy Park, Rudolph Giuliani, and more…

just funny

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Fig & Olive

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend with Martin Luther King Jr. Day! This was the first time that my company has given us the day off, which created such a gratitude from all of the employees that I wonder if maybe there was some method to their madness… :I

I enjoyed filling my long weekend with errands, activities and social outings. One dinner that I especially enjoyed was with my good friend at Fig & Olive. We wanted to eat in Meatpacking  because my hubby and my friend’s partner were having a business dinner together with a client at Scarpetta. We knew we would end up meeting up with them post-dinner, so we figured we save ourselves a cab and dine nearby (sadly, we couldn’t eat at another table at Scarpetta 🙂 )

Fig & Olive was not a disappointment, though! We didn’t make a reservation, but we were still able to be seated right away at one of the high tables in the windows – just as nice and less crowded than the dining room. The ambiance was nice – good lighting, lively music, nice crowd, good service.

Most importantly, our food was delicious. We tried different starters – I had ceviche while my friend had cheese & prosciutto. We both had the branzino as an entree with figs and a balsamic reduction…soooo good!

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised and will be returning…

420 West 13th Street
Between Ninth Ave.
& Washington St.

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The New Yorker’s Eustace Tilley Annual Competition

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