Madison Avenue Physical Rehab & Wellness

Yesterday, I made yet another milestone in my life – I had my first experience in REHAB…important to note that it was only physical rehabilitation, but I feel that it gives me some chutzpah in Hollywood! 

I had surgery on my wrist a couple weeks ago, and I need the rehab to break down the scar tissue and redevelop my range of motion…not quite like being locked up for weeks in some luxury resort in Arizona, but still…

I was referred to Madison Avenue Physical Rehabilitation & Wellness by my surgeon. It’s a very nice office on Madison & 39th, which makes it pretty easy for me to get to after work. The staff is very nice – they must do a lot of yoga or relaxation techniques because they were all high on life last night while I was dead tired from work and life – it has to be that or they all spend some time in AZ “training” with the celebrities…

My therapist was very sweet and she made me very comfortable through the hour-long procedure. We dipped my hand in wax and let it sit in a hot pad, massaged scar tissue that has formed into a bump with lotion (this was very uncomfortable on my scar, but she was a gentle as she could be), and then use some sort of an electric shock therapy where my arm looked like it was being jump-started! The last portion was definitely an odd experience – I could feel the electric current entering my wrist, running down my arm, and exiting at the other patch near my elbow…she told me it is similar to putting my arm in a microwave – but I don’ t think I will try that at home.

I have to go two to three times a week for six weeks – they’re very flexible with appointments and they act like you’re part of their family once you walk in. I was very happy with my first experience at rehab…but I’d like to keep it on Madison Avenue and on an hourly basis…no “staycations” for me!



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3 responses to “Madison Avenue Physical Rehab & Wellness

  1. Me

    Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe! I’ll go and read some more! What do you see the future of this being?

  2. alexismaida

    The future of my blog??? I envision it growing as a beacon of thoughts and options concentrated on the greatest city in the world (nyc). I’d also like to become a forum where people can tell me about their experiences…

  3. I really like what you wrote here – it’s well-written. Thanks for posting this. As someone who has struggled with an addiction myself, I really appreciate what you had to say. Visit my site if you’d like to read more. Have a great week!

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