Beauty Jewel Spa

My husband will only say he loves a few things in his life…me :), his family, his closest friends…and massages.

His family tends to treat us to massages whenever we visit them in Italy. One Christmas, we spent an entire day at the Bormio Terme (spa) in Bormio, Italy while we were on a ski holiday. This experience changed my opinion on the necessity of spa treatments. I didn’t grow up going to the spa or getting frequent massages, so I didn’t feel that it was really something I needed. My opinion changed about half-way through the day when I was relaxing in a hot bath while overlooking the Alps in the background with aromas that made my lungs feel like they had never breathed in an ounce of pollution…I was won over…

I don’t spoil myself very often in NYC with pampering, but I did treat my husband and myself to a couple’s massage as one of my gifts to him for Christmas (I could have treated JUST him, but how would that have been fun :)). I booked a couple’s massage at Beauty Jewel Spa on West 4th Street. I had noticed it because it is directly across from my husband’s old apartment, so I knew it looked reasonably clean and nice.

The massage was $180 + gratuity, which seemed expensive to me but I definitely enjoyed it while I was being covered in oils with the sounds of exotic music transporting me from West 4th Street back to Bormio. We layed on beds with our heads close, but we didn’t say a single word to one another until the 60 minutes was up.


My husband’s shoulder and back felt better immediately afterwards and my skin was like velvet…I think we’ll be going back as soon as our Christmas bills have disappeared from our bank account.


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