Morandi bar snacks & cocktails

On Saturday, we spent some time wandering around running errands with our closest friends. By 5pm we were tired, freezing, and just hungry enough to require some TLC. We were in Chelsea, and we were desperate for some place with a nice bar, small bites, and a nice atmosphere to warm our souls.

We walked into a few spots that were still lighting candles on their tables, some others that didn’t have small plates, and a couple others that were still closed…

Finally, we decided to try Morandi, and it was not only open but also exactly what we were looking for. We sat at the bar, ordered some cocktails and little bites and spent some time chatting in a comfortable and warm Tuscan-setting. The copper bar, wooden surroundings, and other patrons all dressed like they were also in the mountains…was very refreshing as an escape from the cold and drab NYC streets.

From the olive ascolane (fried geen olives stuffed with sausage) to the flatbread to the fried calamari…it was just what we needed to hold us over till dinner. I will definitely be keeping Morandi in mind for more than an expensive dinner – our little bar snacks was more than fine on our wallets…


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